Organic Fertilizers

Fertilizer bagsThe Environmentally Safe and Bee Friendly Formula
for a beautiful lawn and garden

Earth’s Honey and Bee Friendly Fertilizers are today’s Eco friendly way to ensure you are feeding your lawn/garden and saving the environment.

TimberSmart is proud to be a supplier of these 100% organic products.

Bee Friendly FertilizerBee Friendly Fertilizer 5-3-1

  • Enhances the moisture holding capacity of your soil,
  • Increases organic matter
  • Helps stimulate microbial activity while offering nutrients and high availability of trace minerals.
  • Slow release
  • Non-burning fertilizer which can be applied any time during the s0eason
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Earth’s Honey Fertilizer

Earth’s Honey Fertilizer 7-4-1

  • Non-burning
  • Can be applied at any time of the season
  • Increases organic matter
  • Bird, Bee, Butterfly and Pet Friendly
  • Eco system friendly
  • Slow release
  • Promotes biological activity
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